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All of El Rancho’s beer is brewed on site, either as a large batch (10 barrels/310 gallons), or a small batch (about 10 gallons). Our large batches tend to be slightly more traditional styles of beer, such as blonde ales, IPAs, stouts, scotch ales, saisons, and the occasional lager.  We experiment with our small batches and get a bit more free spirited:  sour ales, mixed fermentation ales, numerous IPAs, single-hop or yeast variations on a theme, and historic ales like our Norwegian farmhouse ale or German gose. When folks like how a small batch turns out, we scale it up so everyone can enjoy it more often and we can keep it on tap a little longer. Every so often, we’ll pull some special stuff out of our fledgling barrel program to share. We take our beer seriously, and work hard to provide you with the best flavor we can, by carefully growing and monitoring our yeasts, carefully selecting the best hops we can, and making sure we can always provide you with unique, refreshing, and delicious ales and lagers of the highest quality.   Cheers!